~0r; A: This is a common problem for older systems as they try to come into compliance with newer rules. =4$y]/%(%DL Q: How important is the NSF 60 certification on meters or does it even matter? If your 1.5 inch line is already overloaded, then the WSC is responsible for paying for the difference in costs from a two inch line to serve the single applicant to the 6 inch line your engineers say is required to install. The NSF 60 standard is for chemicals used in a water system. <82> <82> <201A> A particular manufacturer is selling a pretty good meter, but it is not certified and before I invest a lot of money into their radio read system I need someone to answer this question. There are many points that need to be addressed before agreeing to this offer. Fax: 512.472.5186 In addition to the cost of the meter installation as well as any upfront impact or buy in fees. Our engineers say the only way we can meet TCEQ standards for water distribution if we add the meter is with a six-inch line extension. o0?LgGt{Cifk_Kat2'~ez{*R,r08e0@Bf1+oxG t%&L!XD(gTn6"LXa9t> While it may be difficult for them to claim the second dwelling is vacant if evidence of habitation is obvious, some people might try to claim that the habitation is only intermittent, that no water is being used at the second location, or that water there is being supplied from a separate source. The closest thing we have to a bottom line here is that a system can remove the meter, but they still need to maintain capacity at that same location in case a future applicant wants to re-install another water meter there. Other TCEQ inspectors have assessed the capacity requirements on the 2-inch meter size which industry standards deem to be eight times the normal capacity of the 5/8 x 3/4-inch meter, regardless of the number of trailers on the other side of the meter. a@0VZ F8A8!@!af^""""#o^?l2AD 4i5M=n^/#{B^m^m}5ok8M4M0P aj""# (7#~mz*B TwIewVq_kgcQyQ4Jd/ K3E\_%9=G$#. However, due to some political maneuvering several years ago, some exceptions were included in the Texas Administrative Code that allow the commissions executive director to permit master metering when applicable. for the single-family residential customer group. <8D> <8D> <2022> A reason for rate training is so the board can justify the base and gallonage charges to all ratepayer classifications and also to TCEQ in case the rate is appealed. There may be limitations that prevent using the meter when there is an outside water ban or other drought measures are in place. How do you protect the integrity of the system when you do not know the background or intent of the person performing the volunteer work? TRWA suggests that systems tell their customers to add the cost of their meter and impact fee to the cost of their property before they sell in order to fund installing another meter at their new location. -tjOXWIR-9L#|qAH)=ya[AXO>_u 9U]](M:?`^V a/X`jsV60;aC}18Y_{/c%nmVlf.0FVL If it is a single tract of land and the plumbing to each of these eight units is all combined into one common line, then a master meter would probably be the better option for this applicant. That availability to use that capacity should be paid for, but not by tacking the costs onto existing customers. Statewide Photo Campaign Promoting Drought Awareness Launches August 5! The side benefit of the AMI technology is that when someone reports a leak in the system, this type of meter allows the system to read meters in that section to determine if the leak is from their system lines or from overwatering or leaks on the customers side. Therefore, existing customers have been paying for extra capacity for many years and these new customers are being asked to provide a portion of the cost associated with the capacity they will be using. Q: A current member of our WSC has asked for a second meter on their property. If your system already has this language, then TRWA suggests that systems that have several multiple connection issues send out a letter informing all customers of pending changes or stepped up enforcement of existing policies. 339 0 obj <> endobj Additionally, many systems didnt want to maintain extended meters and lines within the private property, because in several cases working on these lines proved too intrusive on peoples private property and roads. @0A2@p0@T!EQL& L Aa0w"[!-Si7qH>D <91> <92> <2018> For customers who have their homes 500 feet or more off the road, meters may be relocated to the edge of the customers property instead of at the house. /CIDInit /ProcSet findresource begin <84> <84> <201E> A: If your board has adopted the basic TRWA Sample Tariff language, then the meter costs and impact fee should stay with the property on which the meter was initially installed. \"L&h6AKm5 ZydZ P*dGLr)9 3 <98> <98> <02DC> 0000001107 00000 n If there is reason to believe a dangerous or hazardous condition exists, the corporation may conduct a customer service inspection (CSI) to verify the hazardous condition and may notify the local county health office. n``N}@:\_EF-_*p"X;9$W'}',vl#A7.9J uph%(+u n'8i b9XAH03047:|clf`. This eliminates the need for a system to conduct manual drive-bys and allows all meters to be read from the whole system in a matter of minutes from the office. An eight-inch (8") water main will generally be required to distribute water and provide fire protection within the multi-family district provided that the water main does not exceed 600 feet in length or serve more than two <81> <81> <2022> This includes design, review and approval of all plans and all on-site and off-site service facilities by the corporations engineer and compliance with any applicable municipal or other governmental codes and specifications. <89> <89> <2030> each new commercial connection and $1,000 for each new residential connection. A: TRWA hasnt tracked the number of systems that have installed electronic read meters, whether they be the AMR (drive-by) or AMI (instrumental gathered information) meters. The valve shall meet AWWA standards (a ball valve is preferred). We want to be fair, but we also want be responsible. 362 13 The member wants to know if a neighbor can hook up to the meter and if so, under what circumstances. <8B> <8B> <2039> The WSC board can amend the water rates at any board meeting where rate adjustments are posted as an agenda item for action. <95> <95> <2022> <93> <94> <201C> It is best to set the meters close to the structure to be served and to always obtain an easement for service lines and meters before new service is established. 0000053091 00000 n 71 0 obj<>stream (2) Active connection, as used in this section, means a lot or . One ESFC is defined as equaling a typical detached single-family house. <8E> <8E> <017D> stream endstream endobj 79 0 obj[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] endobj 80 0 obj<>/Width 2550/Height 3300/BitsPerComponent 1/ColorSpace/DeviceGray/Type/XObject/Name/background_1/Subtype/Image>>stream 0000002770 00000 n Would this person also have access to the system office or have keys to the water plants? end What options do we have to address this issue? >> def /Registry (Helvetica-ObliqueOPBaseFont5) The system is not responsible for securing or requiring an easement for any service line from the meter to the ultimate customers home. First, the customer must supply the system a final plat showing the intended use and ultimate development of the property to be served. The TRWA Sample Tariff addresses this issue and follows the Public Utility Commission (PUC) Chapter 24 rules about the systems ability to access a meter for repairs and normal service. \8h;""-[a]_aM7#0dpq6;tDdX)A!BuU ]H#Fjf )aAC;D By doing this, when they get a few more meters, they can begin replacing the meter tops with these newer AMI tops. We really need to understand the regulations and what action we need to take prior to approaching either business. During these discussions, we talked about vacant and dormant taps to see how the agency would rule on a cost of service appeal if the system were to remove these dead taps to free up system capacity for other applicants along that water main. What can we do if the owner of the membership denies that someone is living at the second residence? g MLu]VxcN[4wosYpe$C4-`#`:euD=G)\IGiuu}o\2kr%Scw#LBSkEkG=] i"a8S7EB=w=N to TCEQ rules regarding elevated storage, the number of connections that are allocated to the tract will be four, because that allocation is determined on the number of meter connections. When a system sees that there is inequity in their current rate structure causing some customers to subsidize the water usage and capacity requirements for other customers, the board ought to rectify the situation by amending rates. endcmap %%EOF The rules provide some ways for the applicant to opt out of individual meters and having multiple water service lines crisscrossing their tract of land. The corporation will disconnect without notice if the member refuses to allow access for the purpose of confirming the existence of such condition and/or removing the dangerous or hazardous condition (30 TAC 290.46(i) and 290.46(j)). Since the two businesses have separated and are no longer on the same property, then the convenience store is diverting water to another property, which constitutes an illegal connection or transfer of water from one property to another. <20> <7E> <0020> /Ordering (UCS) I was told the meter was installed when a relative lived in a trailer on the far end of the property, but the meter has not been used for many years. Q: Our 1.5-inch water line is at capacity and someone who is building a home in the area asked to add a meter to our line. Master District that constitutes an Equivalent Single Family Connection, which amount may be changed from time to time. The defined area is depicted in Appendix 1. There should be a calibration or certification of accuracy with the new meter. TRWA does not recommend any product, supplier or person and leaves that decision up to each system. This is referred to in Section C under the definition of member and proof of ownership, and again in Section E under Rules and Regulations. (This cut-off valve may be installed as a part of the original meter installation by the Corporation.). If your board would like for one of TRWAs staff to attend a meeting to do some rate training, please contact our office. Your board should look at all the different access related issues at customer locations and define in your tariff what the system considers to be reasonable access to the meters. While this may have been more of an undertaking many years ago, most counties have modernized and this research can now generally be done from the systems office. It doesnt matter whether the extra capacity is used to supply brand new customers who have never had service or to existing customers seeking an additional meter. Our system is more than 40 years old and there are about 20 properties that have more than one residence on a single meter. The ERUs would be equivalent to what would be used by typical single-family residences, if they were using the water. Most of the re-reads were because the brand of meters the system had installed used exterior-mounted antennas, which were susceptible to a variety of hazards, such as gophers, dogs or lawn mowers. Assuming the meter is the standard size, residential 3/4 x 5/8 meter, you will use the same rate structure for the irrigation meters since the water is the same treated water that is being distributed by your system. Throughout my time at TRWA, I have seen too many systems that have allowed customers to dictate where they wanted their meters to be set. Unless a local governmental authority requires otherwise, or unless otherwise established, an ESFC is defined as 360 gallons per day for average water usage and 300 gpd for average wastewater return flow. Some meter manufacturers also require strainers or other devices to be installed to protect the meter and straighten or condition the water so that their meters will be as accurate as possible. TCEQ assesses the adequacy of a systems capacity on the number of connections on that system and takes into account the number and sizes of larger meters on that system. Even a temporary hose hook-up is prohibited since that is a violation of the conditions found in your customer service application and agreement. The wait times at the transit Schengen passport control might be a bit longer but probably not since the border police seems to be managing staff levels. The most immediate issue to address is the potential health hazard caused by the loss of pressure when the booster pump kicks on. Most importantly, you should enforce these policies and refuse to set a meter until you are satisfied that the applicant does, in fact, own the property on which the meter will be placed. 389 0 obj <>stream Section 290.38 defines a connection as "a single-family residential unit or each commercial or industrial establishment to which drinking water is supplied from the system." Including this language in a notification letter to all utility customers will help explain why the system is requiring a change for existing multiple connections. w;A`@3YceL 0a0DD8T#_ _~qd"D|%U0 a`q]HEWls!G29h4 )-__@u{{z"|RDQG|G2`4Y M6 oaomo[^W[zWJ+wCV /Ordering (UCS) <0D> <0D> <000D> This only works for meter reading and does not solve the issue of access for repairs and emergencies. A standard single-family home is considered a standard ERU with other uses measured against this baseline. It is unclear whether the units are part of any government-assisted or subsidized housing programs for low-income residents. <20> <7E> <0020> Do we have to provide water to the new meter on this line? 0000000015 00000 n Where to live in Delft Wedged between The Hague and Rotterdam, Delft is a beautiful historical town that attracts those seeking a quieter lifestyle with good city connections. <8A> <8A> <0160> <85> <85> <2026> 374 0 obj (16) Connection--A single family residential unit or each commercial or industrial establishment to which drinking water is supplied from the system. Define Equivalent Single-Family Connection. The average daily flow for domestic use shall be calculated at the minimum rate of 100 gallons per day per capita (gpdpc) and an Equivalent Residential Connection (ERC) of 2.5 persons per single-family residence and 2.2 persons per multi-family and mobile home units.. Further, in the past we have seen many TCEQ investigators count dead taps into the systems overall capacity requirements using the assumption that at any time in the future the system would still be responsible for supplying not only the active connections but previously existing connections also. meridian behavioral health ceo, defense nicknames basketball,